Little Sister AutoLog
and e-Logbook

With Electronic Logbook and Cycle Manager

eschmann direct little sister autolog and e logbook2
cycle logger ad2

Upgrading your Little Sister to include wireless AutoLog and e-Logbook will ensure the inconvenience of manually performing daily and weekly test cycles and compiling and maintaining an accurate logbook is a thing of the past...

  • Automatic, real-time, wireless data transfer
  • Unique E-Logbook cycle data management software
  • Real time cycle monitoring on any PC or laptop
  • Quick and easy cycle validation
  • Enhanced cycle record security
  • Saves your staff time and your practice money

*Real-time wireless option requires access to a compatible wireless network. Charges for connecting to a compatible wireless network may be made if additional time and equipment is required to facilitate a connection. Can be used without real-time functionality if a suitable wireless network is unavailable/cannot be configured.

cycle logger ad2