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Developed to provide effective cleaning of the door seal and other critical parts of your Little Sister autoclave or washer disinfector,

essential AzoMax Wipes help reduce maintenance costs and prolong the life of your investment.

‘Manufacturer's Recommendations’ on Maintenance & Testing to HTM01-05 advise cleaning the Door Seal on a daily basis, using the manufacturer approved wipe.

essential AzoMax wipes provide the answer, validated for use with your Eschmann autoclave or washer disinfector. They are also suitable for use throughout your practice.

Unlike disinfection only wipes, essential AzoMax wipes are effective for cleaning and disinfecting the immediate working area around the autoclave.

essential AzoMax wipes can also be used all around the practice on equipment, touch points and work-surfaces to both clean and disinfect, protecting you and your patients.

200 x 180mm wipe Tub - 200 wipes

300 x 220mm wipe Soft Pack - 50 wipes

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