Little Sister SHS 800 Autoclave

S type Handpiece/instrument Steriliser

shs800 handpiece autoclave
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The new Little Sister SHS 800 handpiece autoclave is dedicated to the task for which it has been designed, without risk of compromise.

  • The SHS 800 autoclave sterilises up to eight handpieces in an average of just 8 minutes.
  • Ideally suited for re-sterilising of hollow and solid instruments that have previously been stored (Ref: HTM 01-05).
  • Designed to work seamlessly in conjunction with Little Sister Handpiece Care System, providing effective, risk free handpiece cleaning, lubrication and sterilisation.
  • Helps reduce instrument inventory.
  • 3 litre water capacity for up to 40 sterilisation cycles
  • Integral water quality sensor.
cycle logger ad2