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Little Sister HCS300 Clean Plus

Handpiece Cleaning System

hcs300 clean plus
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The HCS 300 CP handpiece cleaning system’s unique process  ensures the cleaning and lubrication of all internal lumina, the only handpiece cleaner and lubricator that can be validated as part of the decontamination process.

  • Safe - validated cleaning process verified by an independent laboratory
  • Powerful - hard on germs, bacteria and dirt, gentle on your instruments
  • User Friendly - ultimate ease of use for optimised procedures in your clinic
  • Space Saving - designed to save valuable space in the decontamination room
  • Environmentally Friendly - does not use damaging aerosol propellants

Effective decontamination of handpieces, due to their complexity and high costs, require a different approach when it comes to decontamination.

Bodily fluids loaded with bacteria, germs and protein can enter the internal components of dental handpieces during routine procedures. The removal of these contaminants, which if left, can dry and become very hard to remove, is important in order ensure the instrument can be sterilised and to avoid damage and expensive maintenance.

Unlike solid instruments, the complexity of handpieces with  miniature gears, high performance turbines, a burr-chuck  system and many narrow lumens, makes cleaning difficult.

Specialist decontamination equipment employing  directional irrigation, chuck cleaning and measured lubrication*  is the only way to ensure handpieces can be effectively cleaned  and maintained, and the process validated, prior to sterilisation.

The Little Sister handpiece specific cleaner and handpiece autoclave have been develop to enable all steps in this specific process to be completed in as short a time as possible, vital to help the practitioner maintain a realistic inventory of their expensive instruments and to avoid costly downtime due to instruments and equipment failure.

  • Achieves a 102 log reduction of germs and bacteria (in independent MDT tests)
  • The most affordable handpiece cleaning and care solution - only 6 pence per handpiece
  • Cleans and lubricates up to three handpieces at a time in under 10 minutes
  • Uses compressed air to remove contaminants and excess oil
  • Couplings for two high speed and one slow speed instrument
  • Proven to help reduce costs of maintaining autoclaves from the damaging  effects of over oiling handpieces
  • External Dimensions: 345mm(h) x 300mm(w) x 280mm(d)
  • Requires compressed air supply 4.5-6 bar (58-87psi) / 40NL/min
  • Electrical - 230v 13amp
  • CE marked to the Medical Devices Directive
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