little sister pointing umbrellaCompliance to Guidelines...

Protecting your Little Sister autoclave and washer disinfector with a Care&Cover policy and testing them by using Essential Test Devices and equipment specific Log Books, will allow you to validate your decontamination process in accordance with the latest professional guidelines.

Guidance can and does change as new techniques are introduced, information is updated and technologies improve. Our team of professional engineers and trainers are specialists in the field of  dental decontamination and receive constant updates on the  steps needed to achieve best practice.

Unrivalled Protection

When you choose Eschmann and a Care&Cover policy to  protect your Little Sister you will assured of receiving far  more than just an engineer to look after your equipment.

Free Verifiable CPD Training

As part of our commitment to the dental team we strive to ensure you have access to the most up to date advice, information and verifiable continuing professional development to help ensure your decontamination process is as efficient and compliant as possible, saving time and money and ensuring patient safety at all times.

Annual Testing and Validation... HTM/Local Guidance or Manufacturer's?

When it comes your autoclave or washer disinfector, you must have them tested and validated annually, in line with the latest guidance.

Although current guidance provides a comprehensive testing and validation protocol to ensure your decontamination equipment is operating correctly, this can be complicated, time consuming and extremely costly.

Fortunately, published guidelines give you the option to follow the ‘Manufacturers Testing’ regime, and if available, this will help save you a considerable amount of time and money.

The benefits of following Manufacturer’s Testing and Validation regimes are significant, saving you time and money...

  • Testing and Validation specific to the equipment - only those tests identified by the manufacturer as being necessary are undertaken.
  • Faster turnaround and lower costs - Eschmann Testing and Validation cost 4-5 times LESS than the equivalent HTM01-05 regime
  • Expertise - Manufacturer’s engineers are trained and equiped to test Eschmann equipment
  • Validated Test Devices - Eschmann use test devices dsigned for Eschmann equipment, ensuring accurate results and certified Testing and Validation
  • All-inclusive - Eschmann Testing and Validation forms part of the Care&Cover protection, they are not separate and do not incur additional charges
  • Adopting Manufacturer’s Testing and Validation is one of Eschmann’s ‘Six Easy Steps for Compliance’, steps that will help save time and money to ensure your practice is protected.

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