Unbeatable value for money...

When comparing Care&Cover protection with other offerings, make sure you know what you’re looking for...

More Service Visits

We provide up to two guaranteed service visits each year*, tailored to your equipment and requirements.
*dependent on equipment type

Dedicated Service Support

Contacting EschmannCare is easy. We have a professionally manned call centre to allow you toget in touch at a time when it matters to you

Original Parts

Our engineers have immediate access to original parts. We only fit the same components that are used in the manufacture of our equipment, especially door seals.

First Time Fix

Our trained service support team have the experience to rectify many faults over the phone. Over 20% of faults are fixed in this way, alleviating the need for an engineer to visit, keeping your practice running smoothly, minimising downtime.

Unlimited Free Spare Parts

We do not place a limit on the value of spares parts that we fit and we do not charge for door seals and other consumables.

24hr Priority Care Response

For a small premium, we can be with you within 24 hours. We are possibly unique in the UK in that we have the engineering resources to provide this unmatched level of service.

Nationwide Coverage.

With 70 engineers employed directly, Eschmann are perfectly equipped to provide full coverage to all areas of the UK.

Specialist vCPD User Training

The GDC now require a minimum amount of 5 hours of verifiable CPD to be conducted over a five year period as part of the registration process. Eschmann’s comprehensive vCPD training programme provides this invaluable benefit at no extra cost.

Dedicated Engineers

Our engineers work exclusively on Little Sister products. They receive regular product updates, three or four times a year. We continually train our engineers to ensure they have the extensive knowledge needed to work on all of our products.

Enhanced cover

Only Care&Cover protection provides the enhanced cover that protects your lifetime breakdown warranty, without the risk of being charged for ‘hidden extras’.

Superior Product Knowledge

We continually improve the quality of our products. Only Eschmann engineers have the most up-to date schedules to ensure they can maintain our latest technologies, without compromise.

Pay Only Once

We are often called to repair equipment that is not protected by one of our contracts. In these instances the customer often ends up having topay twice, once for the incomplete repair and again for Eschmann to complete the repair. If Care&Cover protection was in place from the start, this extra cost would have been avoided.