Little sister with device illustrationsWhy do I need vCPD training?

The GDC now require a minimum amount of 5 hours of verifiable CPD to be conducted over a five year period as part of the registration process. Eschmann’s comprehensive vCPD training programme provides this invaluable benefit at no extra cost.

  • Provides the education and training required by the dental team,  helping to keep the decontamination knowledge and skills up to date
  • Imparts the necessary information required to safely use and  efficiently maintain your Little Sister decontamination equipment
  • One free verified CPD training session per annum for up  to six members of the dental team
  • Attain the core 5 hours vCPD in ‘Decontamination’
  • Receive vCPD training at a time that suits to minimise  downtime and disruption to your practice
  • Provides the knowledge required to pass inspections  from external bodies i.e. CQC
  • vCPD syllabuses can cover the entire instrument decontamination process, where appropriate