RO Water System

Standard Reverse Osmosis Water System

ro water
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Medical Grade RO water system providing on-demand reverse osmosis water for your surgery and decontamination equipment.

  • The most effective method for providing clean, pure water for your autoclave
  • A compact professional system, ideal for use throughout the dental practice including  dental unit water lines
  • Will quickly pay for itself, often within 12 months
  • Costs just 33 pence per litre - over three times more affordable than bottled water
  • Produces more water in a shorter time, than can be produced by a conventional water distiller


From the rinsing of cleaned instruments to the water used to create the steam required to sterilise your instruments, it is essential that water of the correct quality is used. Healthcare professionals cannot rely on the quality of potable water to be sufficiently pure, that is free from the minerals and other contaminants that if present can leave residues on instruments, impinge on the quality of the steam being produced and significantly impact the life of the equipment being used.

Traditional sources of purified water including bottled distilled or sterile water for irrigation are still acceptable for use but the cost  of transporting and storing sufficient volumes render the bottled  option less attractive. The use of water distillers as an alternative are limited in their ability to produce the volumes of water required and are extremely costly to run.

The adoption of a validated, medical grade RO water system will provide an effective, efficient and affordable alternative to traditional systems, having the added benefit of producing significant quantities of high quality water for use throughout the practice, at extremely low cost.

  • Hard and soft water options available
  • 12 litre or optional 60 litre water tank
  • Removes the need to buy and store expensive bottled water.
  • Simple installation fits easily into most cupboards.
  • Includes 12 litre water tank and trigger dispensing tap and 3.0m hose
  • Optional Swan neck counter top tap
  • Hard Water model includes a medical quality DIRM filter
  • DIRM filter reduces TDS to zero
  • Affordable filters and servicing keep running cost to a minimum
  • Includes a TDS meter to enable easy monitoring of water quality
  • Easily connects to your existing water supply and drain
  • System can be located in separate cupboards for ease of installation and complete flexibility
  • WRAS Compliant back flow protection valves
  • Rapid return on investment, often in less than 12 months
  • External Dimensions: 400mm(h) x 320mm(w) x 200mm(d)
  • Electrical - 230v 13amp socket (required within 1.0m of unit)
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