Hydrim C61 WD
Benchtop Washer Disinfector

The worlds most advanced benchtop washer disinfector.

hydrim c61 wd
cycle logger ad2

For the effective cleaning and disinfection of contaminated instruments. Suitable for  smaller practices where space is at a premium.

Successful sterilisation cannot be achieved if instruments have not been effectively cleaned. The process of instrument cleaning is essential to ensure sterility can be achieved; any visible contaminants will prevent steam coming into contact with the instrument surface resulting in a non-sterile instrument.

The majority of soils attached to an instrument are usually the remains of tissues and blood which can contain proteins and, unlike microorganisms, cannot be deactivated by sterilisation. When compared to manual hand washing and ultrasonic alternatives, an automated thermal washer disinfector offering reproducible and validated cleaning performance, is proven to be the most effective  way to help remove proteins and contaminants prior to sterilisation.

Choosing the right thermal washer disinfector to ensure  effective instrument cleaning and disinfection will depend on  several factors, ncluding the number of surgeries in the  practice and the volume of patients being treated.

  • Stainless steel benchtop unit suitable for busy, single surgery practices
  • Cassette rack and mesh instrument basket (x1) included
  • Validated dental cycle
  • Heavy duty wash, disinfection and drying in just 50 minutes
  • Colour touch control panel with easy read display
  • 350/lpm high pressure pump
  • Double spray arm monitoring
  • Reusable water filter
  • Built-in water softener - crucial in hard water areas
  • Easy access salt and rinse aid dispensers
  • RO (Reverse Osmosis) water ready system for purified rinse
  • Active, closed door drying
  • Integral detergent dosing and monitoring system
  • Dedicated 4-in-1 detergent system using disposable pouches
  • WRAS approved
  • Optional printer or Cycle Data Logger/Manager available
  • External Dims (mm): 520mm x 598 (w) x 526 (d)
  • Cold or Hot water fill and separate RO rinse water fill (if required)
  • Water pressure - Min 1.0 bar; Max 10 bar
  • Waste water outlet
  • Electrical - 230v 13amp
  • CE marked to the Medical Devices Directive
  • Site preparation plan with full details of all required services
  • Includes detergent starter kit
cycle logger ad2